Saturday, March 2, 2019

I am so excited to finally be opening this site up, I’ve been working on it since literally last year (lol). There’s still work to be done to truly make this the fansite that Kate deserves. Right now you can find over 43,000 photos in the gallery,the icon archive has nearly 100 free icons of various sizes to use and edit, and the career archive and press archive are both up but are not yet complete.

I’m also looking for anyone with their own fansites interested in being affiliates with Kate Bosworth Network so please contact me at until I’m able to get a form done for affiliation.

Also if you are able to donate anything including screencaps,stills,magazine scans,graphics,ect It would be truly appreciated. I hope you guys like the site so far below you can find some of the updates that I’ve made while working on things behind the scenes! Thanks for visiting.

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